General Rules

Upon paying the entry and pit fees at the pit entry gate and signing waivers of liability you will be given a wristband that must be worn at all times in the pits or on the track. Proceed directly to a pit stall and unload your vehicle. Some Pit Stalls are reserved, they are marked, all other are "First Come, First Served" Basis. Drivers are responsible for marking their own paid parking spot.
All Drivers running for track points, must be a member of WRRA.
All Drivers must be members of the WRRA at any Test and Tune event. Forms available at the track.
All Drivers must be members of the WRRA to practice on the track if they have not paid entry fees.
Attendance at the drivers’ meeting is mandatory for all drivers and crewmembers. After drivers’ meeting, the heat race line-ups will be posted in back of the pit stands. Drivers should take their car to the staging area near the track entrance and line up as required.
As race time approaches, track officials will check the lineup of cars at the staging area near the track entry, but you should know your lineup position and be in place in order to move things along quickly. All races must start promptly and progress smoothly.
In general, as one race finishes and those cars leave the track, the cars for the following event should be starting onto the track as soon as directed by the officials. The crowd is not here because they want to wonder what might be going to happen next, they are here because they want to watch racing.
WRRA requires 3 cars per class to earn points.  Special consideration can be requested by attending a WRRA meeting.
Prior to competing or being allowed to enter the racetrack, all cars and all drivers’ safety equipment shall undergo a preliminary technical inspection by track officials. This inspection shall be performed only with the car off the trailer or transporter, and the driver must accompany the vehicle during the inspection.
All safety equipment shall be in the vehicle at the time of inspection. If in the judgment of the inspector, any car or drivers’ equipment fails to pass the preliminary technical inspection, there is no “grace” race allowed. A vehicle that passes technical inspection for safety related matters, but is technically not legal for a particular class is entitled to one “grace” race at the discretion of track officials, with last place money for the event entered, and no season points awarded. A technical inspector has the right to change the classification of any vehicle after inspection.
Upon passing technical inspection, a “tech sheet” will be provided to the driver. This must be turned in at the signup trailer or pit shack. Only at this time will the driver be given an entry form to complete. Drivers will need to provide their social security number for payout accounting purposes. When this completed entry form is turned in at the signup trailer or pit shack, the driver will receive a “track tag”, which must then be given to the corner worker or track official at the racetrack entrance prior to your first entry onto the track each race. The wristband must also be shown to the worker there each time you enter the track.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages by drivers, crew members, or pit spectators is not permitted prior to or during competition events at the facility. There will be a random breathalyzer testing at any time, before and during races.
Use, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs at ANY TIME shall be cause for immediate suspension and authorities will be immediately notified. The duration of such suspension is at the discretion of Raceway management.
No driver will be allowed to race if he/she is under the care of a doctor. If a driver has been under a doctor’s care, he/she MUST furnish the Raceway management with a written release signed by a doctor before being allowed to compete.
The Raceway management may require any participant to undergo a physical examination prior to competing in any event.
The pits are an area that is used by all competitors. All competitors should do their part to keep the pit area clean during and after races.
Remember, at all times, the pit speed limit is 5 miles per hour.
Cars may be worked on in the pits at any time. Repairs may NEVER be made on the racing surface or in the infield.
Crew members are not allowed on the track or infield at any time without permission from a track official, even in event of accident or injury. If an accident disables a competitor’s car, he/she may move to a place of safety in the infield. In general though, when involved in an accident, unless there is a fire, drivers must stay in their car with their helmet on and window nets and harnesses fastened until signaled by track officials. Other cars may still be racing or wrecking! Violators will be disqualified from that race. (heat or main) Violators would receive a maximum of last place points. You will not be allowed to restart that event. Unless imminent danger, wait for official to tell you to get out of your car.
Any injury incurred at the raceway by any driver, owner, mechanic, spectator or official must be reported immediately with victim’s pit pass displayed to the track manager or pit stewards. All such accidents must be reported, no matter how minor they may see.
If the accident victim has been transported to a hospital, he/she must have a signed doctor’s release before being allowed to return to driving or to enter the pit area.
1. All drivers, owners, and crew should take pride in the appearance of their car. Cars that do not meet a minimum quality appearance may be barred from competing by track officials.
2. All cars must be neatly painted.
3. Cars must be clean when entering the pits to “tech-in” for an event.
4. Car number must be a minimum 4" think and 20" tall and clearly visable, on both sides, and top. Front right and rear right of car numbers meeds to be 6".
5. Numbers must be in contrasting color to the color of the car so as to be easily distinguished by scorers.
6. The numbers may be followed by one or two, superscript, upper case letters in the event that two cars appear for an event with the same number. In such cases, the “local” (WSCD) car shall be entitled to use the preferred number and the non-local car must change their number to prevent duplication.
7. The total length of the number (and letter combination if present) shall not exceed three digits and the letter/s if used shall be one-half the number’s height (e.g. 7JP, 32x, 125).
8. The roof number must be oriented so as to appear right side up to scorers located on the outside of the track.
9. All letters and numbers must be instantly recognizable, and failure to score laps for a car owing to scorers’ inability to discern car numbers is at driver’s risk.
10. No gold or silver or other metallic paint or reflective tape numbers are allowed due to the difficulty in reading them.
11. If numbers are painted by spray-cans, they must be stenciled or outlined so as to provide crisp edges.
12. Driver’s name should appear on the roof above driver’s-side door but this is not mandatory.
Track Policies, Procedures, and General and Specific Class Rules for 2009
The following rules, policies, specifications, and requirements have been designed to maximize safety and to afford all participants the chance to compete fairly at the Winnemucca Regional Raceway (referred to below as the Raceway; the facility). Nonetheless, racing is by its nature a dangerous activity. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules or regulations. In no way does compliance with the rules or regulations provide a guarantee against the possibility of injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.
We have attempted to make as many as possible of the rules and regulations adopted here similar to those in force at other area tracks in order to enable cars from one area to compete at other area tracks without requiring that changes be made or expense incurred by competitors. In some instances, we have added to others’ requirements or specifications or made other rules changes where we believe the changes provide greater safety. These changes or additions may require that changes be made to cars or equipment before they may compete.
Track officials and management shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein contained or to impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not negatively impact the minimum safety requirements. Such deviations or further restrictions do not guarantee safety.
Any interpretations of, or deviation from the rules provided, or alterations or additions to the rules and requirements shall be at the sole discretion of track officials and their decisions shall be considered final. In the event of protests of outcomes of events or comments concerning findings of the technical inspectors, these protests or comments should be submitted in writing for review.
Track officials shall be responsible for enforcement of the track rules and regulations at Winnemucca Regional Raceway. Track officials shall maintain the right to refuse admittance to the Raceway to any person or group at any time, and to have anyone causing interference or disturbance removed from the property.
Are at the discretion of the track officials, and any insurance dictations. Minimum age is 14 years old to compete.
Remember that without fans in the stands there will be no racing, so show them respect in your conduct. Similarly, without track operating personnel and officials, there can be no racing, so treat them with respect also. Most have volunteered for their jobs, and it is through their efforts that you are able to race here.
Courteous, professional, and sportsmanlike conduct is required from all participants at all times. Profanity will not be tolerated in front of race fans, or to track officials or management.
Any fighting or physical confrontations shall subject the offender to suspension, at the discretion of track management, for a minimum of one race and up to being barred from the facility for the remainder of the racing season. Any driver, car owner, or pit crew member that causes trouble at another car’s pit area shall be suspended as well.
All drivers are considered to be responsible for not only their own actions but also for the actions of their car owners, pit crew members, and pit guests while at the facility. Drivers risk, at a minimum, disqualification and forfeiture of all monies, points, and/or trophies for the day’s race events in the event of incidents related to any such individuals, may be fined up to $500.00.
Remember that we are representing not just the Raceway but also our community to visiting participants and spectators. Make it proud!
Any protests, complaints should be put in writing and submitted to track management promptly for consideration. We want, with your help, to operate the best racing facility in Nevada.
Winnemucca Stock Car Division Point’s System and Line up.
Gates open at 5:00pm racing to start at 7:00pm (Karts). Any driver arriving after 6:45pm will be allowed to race but will start at the back. Drivers meeting is mandatory for Drivers and pit crew. Roll call will be taken and any absent driver will be placed at the back.
Line ups and scoring will be done by IMCA regulations for Modified's. All other classes will use IMCA scoring but will draw each week for the heat races line up. The results of the heat races will determine the line up for the main with the top half of the line up being inverted.
The number of heats will be determined by the number of cars at each race. One heat will be ran if 7 or less cars are present, two heats for 8 or more cars.
Any car that is non compliant with WSCD rules will be allowed one grace race at the discretion of the DOC. They will not be included in the payout and will not receive points for that race. If a car shows up again with out the needed corrections they will not be allowed to race. (Joint point races are not included in the above rule)
When a yellow flag is given, the line up will revert to the last completed lap. ALL cars on the lead lap must have crossed the start line for that lap to be complete. Car will be lined up according to the score sheet and lapped cars will be placed where they crossed even though they are not on the lead lap.
Electronic Communications
No use of any radio communications are allowed between driver and anyone else, with the exception of a track official for the purpose of race management.
Drivers are required to use a one way radio communication device between track official to driver for race management.
Driver is not allowed any other communication device.
Penalty is automatic disqualification and possible fine.
Transponders are required to race.